July 19, 2024

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Harley Davidson presents the Pan America show in Brazil

Harley Davidson presents the Pan America show in Brazil

Harley-Davidson Pan America hits stores in the second half (Credit: Disclosure)

The Harley Davidson The Pan American motorcycle was introduced in Brazil. The machine is the brand’s first major trailblazer in 120 years of history and will be available at the brand’s dealerships from the second half of this year.

Launched in 2021 in the North American market, Pan America arrives in the country in the 1250 Special Edition, powered by the new Revolution® Max 1250 engine, a 150 horsepower, water-cooled 1250 cc V-Twin, designed to deliver a broad powerband that builds up quickly It develops high speed power.

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To reduce the overall weight of the motorcycle, the Revolution Max engine was integrated into the car as a central member of the chassis.

Image source DisclosurePan America has a distinctive look and is driven by the utility of its components (Credit: Disclosure)

electronic aid

Pan America is equipped with technologies designed to enhance the riding experience, including multiple electronically controlled driving modes as well as Cornering Rider’s safety enhancements.

This wide range of technologies is designed to match the performance of the motorcycle with the available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking.

The Pan America 1250 Special is equipped with electronically adjustable semi-active front and rear suspension. As an industry first, the Pan America can be optionally equipped with adaptive ride height (ARH), a revolutionary new suspension system that automatically switches between low mode (when the bike is stationary) and the ideal height.Ride when the motorcycle is in motion.

Disclosure of the price set at 143,800 Brazilian riyals. Pan America will sell launch batch units for R$139,995 (Credit: Disclosure)

Unique design

Harley-Davidson’s design and engineering teams collaborated throughout the process of building and improving the Pan America 1250 Special with a vision guided by the facilities: function drives the shape of Harley-Davidson.

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From handlebars to integrated luggage racks, to a horizontal beacon configured for better off-road illumination, functionality defines style. Inspired by the spirit of North American off-road diversity, the Pan America™ 1250 Special visually stands out on the adventure motorcycle scene, with a design that reflects the capability of the motorcycle.

Daymaker Adaptive Lighthouse

Daymaker’s advanced adaptive headlight technology uses the central IMU to determine the angle of inclination of the motorcycle and automatically shines additional light around corners to illuminate areas of the road that might not be lit by an LED without this technology. This gives the rider more confidence on dark roads.

The system includes three LED elements on each side, located directly above the Daymaker’s headlight. The adaptive lights illuminate sequentially, depending on the angle of inclination of the motorcycle, at 8°, 15° and 23°.

Rather than just turning it on and off, the adaptive elements increase gradually so that the additional lighting is progressive and looks almost perfect for the driver. The system operates when the lamp is in high beam or low beam mode.

Pan America’s V-Twin engine has 152 horsepower and should ensure fun on and off the road. (credit: disclosure)

pregnant center

The center stand supports the motorcycle standing in an upright position. With the center stand activated, the motorcycle takes up less space than it would on the side stand, an advantage when garage space is tight. The stand also raises the rear wheel off the ground for easy maintenance and tire changes, at home or on the road.

Multi-position rear brake pedal

Without the use of tools, the rear brake pedal height can be changed between two positions to improve control and comfort when the passenger is standing. Standing while riding off-road can improve the control of the motorcycle and increase the rider’s view of the path ahead.

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For launch and as a way to encourage customers to experience the innovative technology of the Adaptive Ride Height System – ARH, units from the stock launch of the Pan America 1250 Special with the optional ARH will be sold at a special price of R$143,800 per R$139,995, in bright black.

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