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Harry will fall and lose his royal post after leaving the UK

Harry will fall and lose his royal post after leaving the UK

Near his wife, Megan Markle and Prince Harry decided to step down in March 2020.. With this decision, the couple left the United Kingdom to live in the United States. However, the choice to move to a North American country could result in the Duke of Sussex losing a key royal role. Express portal in one article.

Prince Harry is one of the Queen’s four state councilors. According to British law, the members of this association must be the wife of the ruling king and the next four persons on the throne. Everyone must be over 21 years old. Currently, The positions are held by Princes Charles, Andrew, William and Harry. Elizabeth’s husband died in April.

Podcast host Kert’s Royals, State expert Gertrude Daly pointed out that Harry is expected to be removed from the advisory post in a few years. Under British law, he may lose his UK citizenship status and become ineligible for office.

“UK law states that if you leave the UK and do not reside in the UK for six tax years, you will lose your citizenship status,” said Gertrude Daly. He added: “This is not a real rule, but a UK law that applies to everyone.” According to experts, the prince does not currently need to be removed from office because he is “in no way qualified”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex abdicate in March 2020

Daley insisted that the Duke of Sussex should be replaced if he did not return to England within a specified period.. “One of the requirements to be a state councilor is to be settled in the UK. Now four years later, Prince Harry will be disqualified from being State Councilor, and his place will go to the next adult.

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Depending on who the ruling monarch is, a relative of Harry’s may hold the position. Princesses Beatrice and Eugene.

With Prince Harry Eugene and Beatrice
Harry with Sarah Ferguson’s daughters Eugenie and Beatrice

Principal Andrew

The description of this role is detailed on the Buckingham Palace website: “If the Queen is temporarily unable to perform her official duties as Sovereign, two or more State Councilors are appointed by patent letter due to illness or absence abroad. We must act in his place. “

Royal expert Gertrude Daly explains that technically only two state councilors are needed to replace the queen. Princes Charles and William. According to his assessment, Harry and Andrew are being fired because they no longer have government duties. It is worth remembering that the Duke of York left public life on a charge of sexual abuse..

“Prince Andrew and Harry are no longer members of the royal family and we do not need to worry about them being state councilors. First, state councilors are used only for constitutional duties of sovereignty, in which case the conditions under which the Queen is to act constitutionally are very low.

Megan Markle, Prince Charles and Prince Harry
Megan Markle, Prince Charles and Prince Harry

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