June 20, 2024

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Has MEI increased the limit to R$144,000?  Understanding change

Has MEI increased the limit to R$144,000? Understanding change

Last week, the House of Representatives’ Finance and Taxes Committee (CFT) approved a supplementary bill that expands the framework ceiling for those who work as individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) in Brazil.

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Currently considered MEI Entrepreneur with a total annual income of R$81,000 or less. With the approval and punishment of the procedure, this amount will be R$144,000.

The ceiling may rise for those who own a Microenterprise project as well, from R$ 360,000 to R$ 869 thousand, and for small businesses from currently R$ 4.8 million to R$ 8.6 million.

Modify company invoices

According to MP Marco Bertioli (PSD-SP), rapporteur of the proposal and also president of the TFT Federation, the idea is to readjust the new values ​​based on inflation.

“We have to create the conditions for small and micro businesses to grow and generate jobs. It’s not about adding value or bringing in innovation. We are simply updating the Simples cap by IPCA (Interwide Consumer Price Index). We are doing justice to this segment that contributes the most to the economy.”

Another metric proposed by the initiative says that in the case of a newly opened company, the limit set for the MEI rating becomes R$10,833.33, multiplied by the number of months practiced in the category between the beginning of the activity and the end of the calendar year. In this case, the fractions of months are considered whole months.

After the motion has been passed through the CFT, the text now goes to the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) in the House of Representatives. Remember, it also needs Senate approval and a presidential sanction to take effect.

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