June 12, 2024

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Health units have delays and patients are on the ground in Campinas

Health units have delays and patients are on the ground in Campinas

The photo taken by the patient shows a crowded UPA Campo Grande (Photo: Reproduction/Magda Silva)

Campinas health units recorded a large influx of patients on Monday (27). At Dr. Mario Gatti’s local hospital, the wait lasted at least five hours. In Oro Verde, a woman lay on the ground while waiting. Health volume acknowledged that demand was high (see below).

The situation was similar in other places, such as the UPA (Emergency Service Unit) Campo Grande and Mário Gatti-Amoreiras, the former Metropolitano, which also received many people until the beginning of the night. “No one answers anyone. It’s disgusting,” said a resident who went to UPA Campo Grande.

Kitchen assistant Gabriela Aparecida was unable to find a place to sit in the reception or outside Ouro Verde Municipal Hospital. She decided to lie face down on the floor while waiting for her call. “There’s no place left,” said the young woman, “and I’m here for hours. I’m weak and can’t stand.”

At Mário Gatti, another patient said she had seen people give up. The woman explained, “Before this was crowded and there was no room to sit. I arrived at 12:34 pm and 5:00 pm. I was asked to wait until 5:30 pm after attending.”

What does city hall say

Upon enquiry, the Campinas Municipal Health Service said in an official memo that “emergency room teams and UPAs have been completed” and also acknowledged that “waiting in urgent and emergency unit care is due to increased demand, primarily from asymptomatic respiratory cases.”

The statement also highlighted that this is the first working day after Christmas and also detailed figures comparing the average flow of patients to the movement recorded on Monday. In Ouro Verde, for example, an average of 70 cases of influenza are treated per day. As of 4pm today, 250 calls have been made.

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“In Mário Gatti-Amoreiras, assistance is, on average, 120 consultations per day. However, today more than 200 people attended as of 4 pm,” according to the text.

The memo also says that all UPAs and hospitals in the municipality’s network cater to everyone looking for services. The Ministry of Health concludes that “patients are subject to risk classification and are treated according to the severity of each case. Less complex cases, without risk of death, are treated after emergencies.”

(in collaboration with Jonatan Morel / EPTV Campinas)