July 19, 2024

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Heiress Paulo Jose shares rare photos of the actor and move artists

Heiress Paulo Jose shares rare photos of the actor and move artists

Paulo Jose was honored by his daughter Bill Kutner in an Instagram video (Photo: Divulgação/Globo)

Bill Kutner Share it with his followers on Instagram The last trip he took with his actor father Paulo Josewho died in last Wednesday (11). This was the last time the artist visited his hometown, Lavras do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul.

The veteran heiress showed over three minutes to Paulo Jose as he walked in an open area, walks near a waterfall and visits the place where his first working stage was.

“Our last trip to Bagé and our beloved Cerro Branco in Lavras do Sul”, translated in the publication. in the comments, Alexander Nero he wrote: Thank you for sharing with us, Bill..

Elizabeth Savella has spoken of her admiration for Paul’s life. “How beautiful, Bill. Passionate, a special being. Your parents were special. I love you and your sisters, all affectionately,” he wrote.

“How lovely, Bill! Thanks”, to thank Carmo Dalla Vecchia. “What a nice video, Bill!”He praised Eduardo Moskowitz. “How beautiful, Bill, what an important man to us, Paolo will always be…”Zelia Duncan identified.

Letter to Paulo Jose

After her father’s death, Bill Kutner provided a script detailing her relationship with him. “My father. To love to love and to be loved more. Always with your irreverent and amusing sayings.”, It started.

Lots of love notes, letters, and gift cards for birthdays: Shall we go shopping on Monday? (We never go, why?) And around the house he plastered his songs: ‘In England even the Queen washes her panties in the shower,’ ‘smeared them, and washed them.’ !”, among other pearls of subconscious education.”, to remember.

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But the most beautiful thing was to enter his apartment in which we were all, children, friends, children friends, friends friends, and by the door we read in large letters he wrote on the indigo blue wall: ‘But things done, so much more than beauty, will remain.’, I finish.

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