May 30, 2024

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Next Chapter Summary, Saturday 14 August TV News

Next Chapter Summary, Saturday 14 August TV News

Check out the next chapter summary of reboot empireTV series Globo at nine o’clock, which airs on Saturday (14):

Silviano accuses Morelio of the death of the leader. The police returned to the palace and told Jose Pedro what had happened. Jose asks to use Marisa’s mobile phone to tell Cristina of Jose Alfredo’s death. Teo was surprised by Cora’s story. Cora enters into a crisis when she learns of Jose Alfredo’s death and tells Maria Isis, who faints when she receives the news. Danielle facilitates Erica’s entry into the mansion.

Josué takes the bottle of green liquid from José Alfredo’s pocket. Maria Isis goes to Maria Marta’s house and the two prepare Jose Alfredo’s body. Maria Clara, Jose Pedro and Joao Lucas decide to cremate Jose Alfredo’s body, but Cristina summons Jose to stop the two brothers.

Jose Pedro Daniel goes out of his house. Everyone follows Jose Alfredo’s funeral procession. Cora hides behind the grave after everyone walks. Jose Alfredo opens his eyes inside the coffin.

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