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How much does it cost to rent a big plane?

How much does it cost to rent a big plane?

If traveling in a private jet can be considered a bit of a hurry, imagine chartering a large plane for exclusive travel. Common practice among teams footballwho usually take players and technical staff to disputes, this luxury can cost up to a few million riyals, depending on the destination.

According to Claudio Brandau, Director of Customer Service at Pro Sky do Brasil, a company that specializes in charter planes, leasing a large plane has many characteristics in relation to smaller planes.

“Leasing a large plane is much more complicated with regard to private planes, where comes the issue of the airport’s ability to receive planes as well as the physical structure (there are airports that do not have the capacity to receive large planes), as well as the demand. There are airports that do not rent large planes because of the intense flow of flights regular,” says Brandau.

Besides, there are also busier airports to work with slots, which are special take-off and landing permits. In them, it is only possible to land at certain authorized time intervals, which can restrict travel time.


According to the executive, chartering a large plane involves many issues regarding the different values ​​of smaller planes.

The costs involved in the charter [de aviões de grande porte] It includes aircraft rentals, crew, handling services (the ground service providers to support the airline), landing and take-off permits and, if applicable, airport accommodations, plus fuel, which most affects the total cost,” says Brandau.

These values, as well as the path, fluctuate according to the type of level that will be used. It can be a wide body (wide body models, with two aisles and capacity for more passengers) or a narrow body (has a narrower body, generally with only one aisle to turn between the seats).

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Watch a simulation of charter values ​​for three tracks:

Route: Sao Paulo – Doha (to watch the World Cup)

  • Aircraft type: Widebody
  • Flight time: 1:30 p.m.

Option 1

  • Passengers: 294 people
  • Value: between $872,000 and $970,000 (between R$4.5 million and R$5 million)

Option 2

  • Passengers: 404 people
  • Value: between $1.05 million and $1.18 million (between 5.4 million and 6 million BRL)

Route: Belo Horizonte – Jericoacoara

  • Aircraft type: narrow body
  • Flight time: 2h50

Option 1

  • Passengers: 150 people
  • Value: between $85,200 and $106,000 (between R$437,000 and R$544,000)

Option 2

  • Passengers: 180 people
  • Value: between $89,800 and $107,000 (between R$460,000 and R$549,000)

Route: Porto Alegre – Santiago (Chile)

  • Aircraft type: narrow body
  • Flight time: 2h35

Option 1

  • Passengers: 150 people
  • Value: between 85.9 thousand US dollars and 106.8 thousand US dollars (between 440,000 Brazilian reais and 548,000 Brazilian reais)

Option 2

  • Passengers: 180 people
  • Value: between 90.5 thousand US dollars and 107.5 thousand US dollars (between 464 thousand Brazilian reais and 551,000 Brazilian reais)

Who seeks?

According to the CEO of Pro Sky in Brazil, charters are very popular in events, motivational trips, and team and sports team tours.

“The big advantage is that the charter can cover a route not regularly offered by an airline, while avoiding connections. The whole group flies on the same flight, which can reduce expenses for accommodations, transfers, etc., at the most convenient times,” says Brandau.

The company provides, for example, a file search tool On its website it is possible to consult flights and set budgets.

Who will run the flight?

Only airlines approved and licensed by Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) can operate flights. Companies like Pro Sky contract with those available in the market and also on other issues that involve the flight, doing all contractual parts with customers.

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“We at Pro Sky always offer the possibility of having someone from our company accompany the process on the day of the flight, helping the client in resolving potential unforeseen events that may arise,” Brandau says.

Who can fly?

The rules for charter flights on large commercial aircraft are the same as for regular commercial aviation. Always before flights, it is necessary to send a list of passengers to the airline, just like on regular flights, according to the Pro Sky manager.

This list, however, is not very rigid, with some flexibility to make changes to the names of passengers who will be boarding the plane that were not included in previous documents.

In addition, the rule of products allowed on board is the same for all other aircraft, as no prohibited items are allowed just because the aircraft is “exclusive”.