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How to withdraw and check FGTS balance?  Research shows that many do not know

How to withdraw and check FGTS balance? Research shows that many do not know

See step-by-step consultation and withdrawal of your FGTS!

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According to a survey conducted by Serasa in partnership with Pan Bank which was released last Tuesday (7), many Brazilians do not know how to check the balance of the Severance Compensation Fund (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) (FGTS).

The survey was conducted in April with about 2,000 people. The survey shows that the majority of workers (92%) know what FGTS is and know that the acronym stands for Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço. However, when asked about the way to query the balance and withdraw, the percentage of citizens who say they know how to proceed was lower.

Also according to the survey, eight out of ten workers (84%) are aware that a FGTS balance can be traced back and six out of ten (62%) know how much they have in their fund. Roughly, this means that 16% did not know that it was possible to check the balance of the FGTS and 22%, although they knew, had no idea how much their balance was, and therefore, 38% did not know how much it is currently worth.

Among those who claimed to know how much balance they had in their fund, the majority (51%) claimed to have an amount between R$1,000 and R$5,000.

How do I know how much FGTS I have?

To find out how much is available in the box, simply download the “FGTS” application, and you can also return by phone or SMS.

Consultation with FGTS through the app

  • Download the app to your smartphone (available for Android And the iOS);
  • Enter the FGTS application with login and password;
  • Click “See all your accounts”;
  • Click View Extract.

Consultation with FGTS over the phone

To consult the FGTS over the phone, it is necessary to have a Social Registration Number (NIS) or Citizen Card. The contact number is 0800726 0207.

Consultation with FGTS by SMS

To enable the receipt of FGTS balance by SMS, it is necessary to activate Site Give cashier And follow the steps:

  • Log in with your registered CPF and password;
  • Click “FGTS”;
  • Click “Mobile Services”;
  • Register your mobile phone number to receive SMS.

Registration can also be done through the FGTS application.

How to withdraw FGTS?

To carry out the withdrawal, the worker must observe the rules of release and find out if he is entitled. And do the following steps:

  • Download the “FGTS” app (available for Android And the iOS);
  • Fill in the registration with CPF, full name, birth, email and password;
  • receive a confirmation link in the e-mail to verify the correctness of the data;
  • In the application, click “My Withdrawals”;
  • Click on “My Bank Account” and register an account you own;
  • Choose the amount to be transferred;
  • ready! Within five days, the money in the selected account will be available for withdrawal.

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