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Human was bitten hundreds of times by poisonous spiders during the invasion of the apartment

Russell Davis, 55, was homeless. In 2020, he landed a job as a chef and an apartment in the Southboro area of ​​Kent, England. A week after this step, the man noticed some bites on his body and discovered the infestation of poisonous spiders in his house. Information from UOL.

Russell stated that so far he has been bitten more than a hundred times by “false widows”, the most venomous spider in all of Britain, and its venom can cause negative reactions in people.

“I’m in pain. ‘I feel like when I marvel, I have shards of glass all over my body where I was bitten,'” Russell said in an interview with the BBC.


He contacted the Clarion Housing Association, the company responsible for renting the apartment, and reported that the residents were responsible for carrying out the extermination.

“I slept in a tent for about a week and a half. During the day, I wander around looking for spiders. My mind is always on edge because I am always looking for webs and spiders. I don’t want to live like this.”

“When I found the spiders in my house it had been 15 months and I was what you would call a sleeping spider feast. I don’t know if I got them all. That’s the scary part for me. I don’t sleep well at the moment because this got into my mind after I was exposed To be bitten in my sleep.”

He stated that he lost his job due to the condition of his skin.

After complaining, some of the men spread the poison throughout the building, but only in the hallways and common areas.

A spokesperson for the Clarion Housing Association said he understood how upsetting this situation could be and noted that Russell was “correctly informed that under his rental agreement, it is his responsibility to deal with the spread of these pests.”

“The pest control experts at Clarion were hired to deal with problems in the community spaces, but we asked them to check with Mr. Davies and give him some practical advice on how to resolve this situation.”

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