May 30, 2024

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US Army returns birthday cake stolen from Italian woman in 1945 |  Globalism

US Army returns birthday cake stolen from Italian woman in 1945 | Globalism

army we He gave an Italian woman a birthday cake – to replace a cake that American soldiers had stolen from her while it was freezing in the window 77 years ago.

Meri Mion – who turned ninety on Friday (April 29) – was 13 years old when her village of San Pietro, near Vicenza, in the Veneto region, witnessed fighting between American troops and German soldiers.

Mary Myon was 13 when American soldiers, fighting the Germans near them, stole the cake from a window in Italy – Photo: US Army via BBC

Mary’s mother made her a birthday cake, but opportunists – and supposedly hungry – Americans robbed it.

Myeon said she will share the replacement cake with her relatives.

“Let’s eat this dessert with all my family and remember this wonderful day that I will never forget,” she said.

Cake with happy birthday message – Image: US Army

The US Army handed out the cake at a ceremony Thursday (28/4) in Giardini Salvi, Vicenza, along with military, local officials and residents.

Sergeant Peter Wallis, who served the cake, said it was “a little weird” to replace the stolen goods, “but it makes me feel good.”

At least 19 American soldiers were killed or wounded, and several American tanks were destroyed.

The local Italians provided the American troops with bread and wine.

“This warm welcome from the people of Vicenza continues to this day,” says Col. Gumlak.

Sergeant Wallis (right) and Colonel Gumlak (left) present a cake to Mary Myon – Photo: US Army via BBC

The night before her birthday, all those years ago, Myon and her mother hid in the attic of their farm while fighting raged nearby.

The next morning, her mother made the cake. But his happiness turned to disappointment later, when resourceful American soldiers fled with them [ele]Colonel Gomlak said.

A video on the US Army’s website shows Miyun wiping her tears as she receives the cake, as she sings “Happy Birthday” in both Italian and English.