May 22, 2024

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'I can't go to the bathroom without losing my breath,' says YouTuber Borrachudo Rat, who is in hospital with Covid

‘I can’t go to the bathroom without losing my breath,’ says YouTuber Borrachudo Rat, who is in hospital with Covid

YouTuber Douglas Mesquita Silva, better known as Rato Borrachudo, told on his social networks about his admission to the intensive care unit in São Paulo. He was taken to the hospital COVID-19 Not last Saturday (18).

“I had an anxiety crisis, I was crying, but now I’m accepted. I’m in the ICU, guys. My frame developed in a matter of hours and this was standard procedure. Part of my lung was already damaged, but I’m still fighting back. Thanks to friends, family and fans of course On the day of his admission to the hospital, Ratu Burachodo wrote: Be careful not to go through this.

This Monday (21), the YouTuber said he couldn’t even go to the bathroom without feeling short of breath.

“My doctor told me today that it’s not for [eu] Being sad and depressed for being so exhausted. But I doubted it and said: Doctor, that’s still true, isn’t it? I can’t go to the bathroom without losing my breath. He said, “But that’s not you, it’s just a picture of your life,” Douglas wrote on his social media.

Rato Borrachudo has a channel of about 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube. On social networks, he has more than 616,000 followers on Twitter and 878,000 on Instagram.

Instagram will load in the front end.

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