September 22, 2023

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'I felt fragile and weak'

‘I felt fragile and weak’

out of place BBB 22And Natalia Deodato She doesn’t even remotely remember that sister who was always demanding more attention Eliezer at home. In a short time, the penny dropped and she regretted it He stayed with his brother inside the house and admitted that the involvement occurred due to a shortage.

Certainly, I felt fragile and vulnerable at many moments, and I am not ashamed to say yes I was missing out, and for a few moments it was nice to get close inside! Explaining that he had no intention of taking the novel as well.

The girl from Minas says that she was upset with her brother because he did not accept well the punishment of the monster she gave him the day before to get rid of him, in the dynamic of the program she had to choose between him and Jesse.

“Yes, I was hurt so badly… a lot of things became clear to me.”

During the BBB stress test, The brothers asked Eli if he missed Natalia or Maria more on the program, where they exchanged kisses with the two in confinement. The businessman said he missed the mining company more, “because I spent more time with it.”

Natalia, if she had the opportunity to return to the program, she would do everything differently and would like to distance herself from her brother.

“It is hard to cry over spilled milk, today it is impossible to go back, unfortunately the mention of what I will do will not change differently. I will be calmer, I will avoid getting too close to Eli, and see myself with the strength you have. Whoever comes forward with wisdom and knowing what happened, care must be taken in every Step so that nothing will happen again.”

Natalia celebrates the “giant” vision by participating in BBB 22

When evaluating her participation in BBB 22, Natalia says that her life has changed dramatically.

“From showing up, which was phenomenal, to representing people with my story and introducing them to it, I’ve received so much love, that’s so much!”

With the godmothers Jesse and Lina leaving the programYour support is now for Douglas Silva to be the BBB 22 Champion.

“DG is without a doubt an incredible human, with golden charisma and invaluable determination! I have defined a lot of his story and I ask everyone to help him reach this platform,” he said.

After parading in Beija Flor de Nilópolis this carnival, Nat is full of plans and says she’s inspired by past BBBs, including Angélica, Lumena and Camilla de Lucas.

“I want to work with TV and broadcast, fashion and beauty to stay active on networks with guiding principles that praise women, I love the feminine universe, empowerment, imperfection, blackness, and I will do my best to deliver the best.”