May 30, 2024

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"I hope it reaps many fruits"

“I hope it reaps many fruits”


The actress was speculated as one of the “Camarote” names in this year’s reality release, which has yet to be confirmed.

Sophia confesses to supporting Arthur in world reality
© Image 1: clone/official Instagram of Sophia Abrahu; Image 2: Reproduction / official Instagram of Arthur AguiarSophia confesses to supporting Arthur in world reality

actress Sophia Abrahu I admit it He was rooting for Arthur Aguiar in BBB 22. Both are already Act together on the Brazilian version of Rebeldewas successfully broadcast by RecordTV in 2011. Sofia was even speculated as one of the names of “Camarote” on this year’s global reality release, which has yet to be confirmed.

“I too was drawn to him! But there was Lena, whom I loved so much, Scooby, Pennsylvania.” [Paulo André]. sergio [Malheiros, noivo da atriz] I found the general manager [Douglas Silva] In Vogue Paul. Sergio had announced his support for the general manager, and we were divided there,” he reveals, in an interview with the magazine from. Despite this, the artist admitted that she was not able to watch the program as much as she was traveling for work.

“I watched very little, especially the ending, because I was traveling, but I wish Arthur all the best. I worked with him on “Rebelde” and I saw that he is already reaping fruits, I hope he reaps many fruits.”Comments, in support of the BBB Champion. However, she claims that she is no longer in contact with him as before. “Now we’re more distant, especially because of the pandemic,” he recalls. “But we ended up crossing at Globo Studios, when I did the video show.”

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Sophia did not fail to mention Arthur’s memory capacity, a feature that was praised during the former brother’s confinement. “I don’t even remember what I ate today, imagine! Arthur has an enviable memory,” he said with a laugh. The actress was spending a season in Mexico filming the series “Amores que Enganam”, without the date of its premiere in Brazil.