September 29, 2023

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Moon Knight cuts the pattern connected to the MCU

Moon Knight cuts the pattern connected to the MCU

Director and Producer Mohamed Diabat moon knightAnd He said in an interview with diverse that chain Disney + Nearly two MCU champions – but the team eventually decided to leave them out of the final cut.

“Marvel gave us the freedom to put the cameos anywhere we wanted. In the first scene of the series, originally, there was a crossover. Then, in the last scene, we also had a crossover plot.“, She said. “When the story unfolded, we felt we didn’t need it.“.

Set the reduction to “Collective decision“, he added: “I thought it was kind of a rule, for Marvel to get us to include something, but they told us that maybe, on this particular show, it would be a surprise that there wasn’t any very much relevance to the rest of the stories. That’s what our unique series did.“.

“The best compliment we can get from people is when you say ‘this show isn’t like a Marvel show.’ They say it’s more dramatic, darker and more realistic. I feel like we’ve managed to bring Marvel to what we wanted, not the other way around. I’m so proud and happy.”Been completed.

The six episodes of moon knightchampionship Oscar Isaac And Ethan Hawkeavailable to stream on Disney+.

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