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Ibaneis announces booster doses for health professionals in DF

Ibaneis announces booster doses for health professionals in DF

Published 02/02/2021 7:16 PM / Updated 10/2/2021 7:30 PM

On Saturday morning (2/10), the Federal District received a new batch of vaccines, with 64,350 doses from Pfizer. Of this total, 53,820 will be allocated to the booster dose for health workers. The announcement was made by Governor Ibañes Rocha (MDB) via Twitter.

According to the head of the local executive authority, the rest of the doses, 10530, will be for the elderly booster dose. Ibanes also mentioned that vaccination strategies for health professionals will be discussed by the DF Vaccination Committee on Monday (4/10).

On Friday (10/10), A The Department of Health announced the application of the booster dose for elderly people aged 70 and over in DF. The booster is applied to those who have completed a course of vaccination with the second dose at least six months ago. To receive the vaccination, simply head to the nearest vaccination point with your identification document and vaccination card proving your D2 date.


Today, Saturday, the Health Department (SES-DF) notified eight deaths due to the new Corona virus and 593 cases of the disease recorded during the past 24 hours, according to the folder’s epidemiological bulletin.

The deaths occurred between September 23 and the current Saturday, and today three people died of the disease. Among the victims, two were aged between 40 and 59, and six were aged between 70 and over 80. All with comorbidities.

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