June 20, 2024

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Ibovespa drops 3.39% with fear of Omicron variant; Airlines, CVC (CVCB3) and PetroRio (PRIO3) fall

NS Ibovespa A day of fear and panic witnessed on Friday (26), and ended the trading session with a strong decline of 3.39%, to 102,224.26 points, after touching the lowest level of the year in intraday trading.

In addition to scholarships abroad, the Ibovespa today Pulled from news about A new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), identified in South Africa and named by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “omicron“.There are fears of lockdowns and the return of social distancing measures. Panic has increased because European countries such as Austria and Germany have already enacted movement restrictions. Vaccination in these countries has not reached safe levels against the spread of the coronavirus.

Alex Sandro NishimuraEconomist, Head of Content and Partner at BRA notes that “With global fear that a new alternative identified in South Africa could trigger new outbreaks, with an impact on the fragile economic recovery, sales orders prevailed and sessions were off broad-based declines. wide around the world.”

“It is too early to say how the variable will interact with vaccines or how countries will deal if there are new waves of pollution, but the market anticipates and suffers risky assets around the world. Due to the strength of the global movement, Brazilian assets have also been subjected to severe penalties, with Ibovespa dropping all Something and more that was gained during the week,” he continued.

global panic

Today was a global panic because we haven’t seen it in some time, with the US oil benchmark, WTI, dropping 13% at the worst moment, and Brent crude, the global benchmark, dropping below $81. $72 per barrel, also in a double-digit correction.

In New York, in a shorter session after the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday took on a new connotation in 2021, with losses of more than 2% in stock indices, and still well below those seen in Europe, where Paris closed down 4.75%, Frankfurt 4.15% and London 3.64%.

Ibovespa is back a good part of the 3.61% recovery accumulated in the previous three sessions, putting it in positive territory for the month and week. Thus, the reference ends the week with a loss of 0.79% and puts the month at 1.23%, extending the negative series that began in July with only the second and Tuesday remaining until the end of November.

The new coronavirus variant identified in South Africa, Ibovespa, shot down 4.08% at the worst time of the day in the early afternoon, a level of loss not seen at lockdown since February 22 (-4.87%), at the height of concerns about intervention In the leadership of Petrobras (PETR4) and government intervention in state-owned price policy. The losses seen at the worst moment on Friday by a small margin exceeded those at the end of March 8 (-3.98%), when the market reacted to the return of former President Lula to the election game.

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In the end, today’s drop was also less than the low of September 8 (-3.78%), when the market reaction to President Jair Bolsonaro and his speech on Independence Day, on Avenida Paulista – not today, it is very far from that observed on October 19 (- 3.28%), when concerns arose about the feasibility of Brazilian aid in the context of the deteriorating financial situation.

On Friday, the World Health Organization indicated that the number of cases of the new variant was on the rise in almost all of South Africa, while Brazil’s Ministry of Health issued a “risk notice” recommending continued mask use and social distancing. divergence, although ‘potential’ vaccination contributes to the response to the strain, which was also identified as B.1.1.529.

“Coming from a holiday in the US yesterday, it was supposed to be a quieter shutdown for this week, with Ibovespa recovering in the past three sessions. But this alternative took everyone by surprise, even by surprise. Governments are already starting to act and it is necessary to wait a while to find out. The degree of mobility constraints and the impact it might have on global activity, which has been in recovery to the point of changing the monetary policy perspective,” says Mauro Orefice, BS2 Asset Investment Manager.

In a shorter traditional session on Black Friday, Dow Jones closed 2.53% lower, the S&P 500, 2.27%, and the Nasdaq 2.23%. In B3, with this Friday’s performance, Ibovespa went from positive to negative in the week and month, after a loss of 3.10% the year prior. In the year, it now produces 14.11%. Today’s financial turnover amounted to 28.5 billion Brazilian riyals.

Ibovespa movement today

NS Ibovespa performance today It interrupted the index’s best sequence since September 21-23 when it advanced 5,220 points by 4.79%.

“Just when it looked like we were going to get some relief, a new concern arose with the South African variant of covid-19 and Ibovespa lost all the zigzag path it had taken during the week. There were three straight sessions of rally, but losses on Friday brought the index closer to 100,000 Point, Nishimura highlights.

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The measures that were most affected in today’s trading session were those of the tourism sector: Goals (GOLL4); blue (BLUE4) NS Card Verification Code (CVC) (CVCB3)Some countries have indicated restrictions on flights from South Africa. But the pressure on the index did not stop there, but rather hit commodities, banks and construction companies.

“The only actions that flirt with or remain in the positive sphere are those that show some flexibility in this scenario risk aversion NS Dollar Rise‘, the economist explains, citing papers Susano (SUZB3) NS Taissa (TAEE11).

Top Ibovespa

as Top Ibovespa This day was:

  • Susanoo (SUZB3): + 0.15% / 54.81 BRL
  • Taissa (TAEE11): + 0.11% / 35.94 BRL

The biggest victims of Ibovespa

as The biggest victims of Ibovespa This day was:

  • Blue (Blue 4): -14.18% / BRL 23.30.00 SAR
  • Target (GOLL4): -11.81% / 15.08 BRL
  • CVC (CVCB3): -11,06% / 14.95 R$
  • Melius (CASH3): -10.42% / 3.18 BRL
  • PetroRio (PRIO3): -8.74% / 20.15 BRL

The news that moved the stock market

  • Omicron: the new alternative to Covid-19
  • Congress will debate the “secret budget” bill on Monday
  • With the omicron variant, the oil decreases by 10% causing decreases in Petrobras (PETR4) and Petrorio (PRIO3)

Ômicron: the new alternative to Covid-19

the new alternative From Covid-19, named “Omicron” by the World Health Organization (WHO), experts worry It causes fears and crashes in global stock markets. What scientists know so far: The variant contains a series of mutations that make it more transmissible, specifically in the context of a record of Daily cases in Europe.

For this reason, the National Health Surveillance Agency (26) this Friday (infinite) Publication of a technical note recommending that the Brazilian government adopt restrictive measures for flights and travelers from six African countries, where the alternative will emerge.

Among the countries on Anvisa’s list are Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe, as well as South Africa, and the implementation of the measures is based on a joint ministerial decree. But the variant has already been discovered in Belgium and Hong Kong

In a press conference with journalists, the Director of the Epidemiological Response and Innovation Center at South Africa, Tulio de Oliveira, reported that 50 mutations were found in total in new variable, over 30 in protein escalate, responsible for entering the virus into cells and the target of most cells Vaccines against a COVID-19.

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Budget secrecy: Postponing the discussion

The President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, announced on Thursday (25th) afternoon that the National Congress will meet on Friday (26th) to vote on a draft resolution for the amendments to the decision, also called “secret budget“.

But after pressure from lawmakers in the House and Senate, they unanimously criticized Pacheco’s decision, without consulting court leaders. With that, meeting National Senate To deal with the “secret budget” was postponed to Monday (29).

NS Senate President He justified that he was in a hurry to fulfill the request of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Rosa Weber, which requested more transparency regarding the scheduled adjustments for 2020 and 2021, when a decision was made to suspend payments until details of the purpose for which these public funds will be used.

Oil drops 10%, causing Petrobras (PETR4) and Petrorio (PRIO3) to plummet

Fear of the new Covid-19 variant has driven down Covid-19 prices. petroleum This Friday (26th). The commodity fell more than 10% on foreign exchanges, hitting its lowest level in two months. However, the actions of Petrobras (PETR4) Keep up with the pace of today’s meltdown.

Early afternoon, 1:55 p.m., a Petrobras shares It was down by 4.63%, valued at R$28.25. Similarly, the West Texas Intermediate Petroleum It is down 12.87%, with the barrel trading at $68.36. actually Brent oil It fell 11.18% at $72.86 a barrel.

But Petrobras is not the oil company most affected by the news: Petrorio (PRIO3) It ranked among the biggest drops in Ibovespa, with a drop of more than 10% in the afternoon.

the fuss about A new type of corona virus (B.1.1.529, called omicron) because, according to expert assessment, the breed has a series of mutations that make it more transmissible, in a period of Registration of daily cases in Europe. Scientists are concerned whether current vaccines will be enough to fight the strain.

Performance of master indexes

In addition to Ibovespa, check the closing of the main stock indices today:

Ibovespa today: -3.39% / 102,224.26
IFIX today: -0.18% / 2,541.52
Today’s IBRX: -3.32% / 43473
SMLL Today: -4.07% / 2,318.09
Today’s IDIV: -2.29/6284

Ibovespa quote on Thursday (25)

In the previous session, on Thursday (25), a Ibovespa Up 1.24% at 105811.25 points.

(with information from the state agency)