June 16, 2024

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Igor 3K from iFood's Flow Podcast launched after losing sponsorship: "Lying and Dirty Note"

Igor 3K from iFood’s Flow Podcast launched after losing sponsorship: “Lying and Dirty Note”

Igor 3K spoke out after Flow Podcast lost sponsorship to iFood

last week, Flow Podcast Presenter, monarch, caused a sensation on social media when he asked on his Twitter account whether “a racist opinion is a crime?”. The question came after he wrote that “the act is the culprit and not the opinion,” the presenter was answered by a lawyer and asked the question that ended up causing controversy.

The speech was rejected by many people, including some members of the hip-hop community, and took monarch To be challenged in a boxing match. NS flow It is one of the biggest podcasts in Brazil and has thousands of followers and it’s not the first time he’s been watching monarch Participate in a discussion related to the topic of freedom of expression.


With the huge negative repercussions of their speeches, two brands have decided to end their partnership with Flow. As indicated by the portal PropMarkon Wednesday (27th), TripHe, who has sponsored some programs and maintained a more punctual relationship, clarified in a post that he does not condone statements “of a homophobic and racist nature or that promote and normalize hate speech.”

On Friday (29), it was iFoodThe brand most mentioned in the fallout from the statements, also informed of the end of the partnership, after analyzing the issue in depth over the past few days.

“We believe we can no longer be part of an unequal society, so we reject any kind of bias or discrimination. The company has made a public commitment to being a champion in promoting urgent changes that favor diversity and inclusion,” the company stated in a note to PropMark.

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Now, Igor 3K, another Flow presenter, has commented on the matter and launched several tweets criticizing the company’s official note to end the partnership. Igor described the note as “false and dirty” as well as “dishonest.” The broadcaster also claimed that iFood brought 10 white people to a meeting for calling them racism. Igor even mocked the company, saying that he would order his meal from rival Uber Eats.

See the tweets below:

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