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Impressive: Watch the Elden Ring in 4K with RayTracing and in Ultrawide with mods

Impressive: Watch the Elden Ring in 4K with RayTracing and in Ultrawide with mods

The game already has a new face with these changes

Elden Ring was released last week on February 24 for PC and indeed It became the biggest release in the history of From Software until that time. Despite the success, the game implementation for PC was not the best, with Performance issues and some interesting features. However, in this short period some depositors managed to add global lighting ray tracingadjust FOV and even perform Ultrawide part.

One mod who has implemented some of these mods on the Elden Ring should be well known to adrenaline readers: it’s from the Digital Dreams channel. Just yesterday (27) the channel shared a video on how to play the game in 4K on Ultra, with Modulation of field of view (FOV)And the 60fps unlocked Thanks for this situation And with the implementation of global lighting ray tracing. With these simple changes, we have a good revamp of the game. a look:

Even before Digital Dreams, another channel called Garden of Eyes on dai shared 25 gameplay with the same changes made in the previous video, but now showing all the magic Ultra-wide aspect ratio gameplay It is appreciated by many players who chose to play on PC.

In this second case, the Ultrawide aspect ratio was achieved thanks to the software Impeccable wide screenwhile the global illumination of ray tracing was implemented in the same way as in the previous video, using filters Pascal Gleicher RTGI Rehade.

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Despite being the big release right now and certainly one of the most relevant games of 2022, Elden Ring has arrived very primarily on PC, with stability issues also affecting other platforms to a lesser degree, The game arrived with no distinct features on PCSupport for Ultrawide, Nvida DLSS, AMD FSR, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and field-of-view modulation, to name a few.

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These mods can really improve the experience of many users, but from the software as well He promised to make improvements to the game on PC It must also release an official Ray Tracing application on the platform.

If you want to see how the latest version of the game has performed so far, you can watch the taped version live below:


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