June 21, 2024

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Redmi Note 11: cell phone retains good cost benefits for predecessors?  |  Analysis / review

Redmi Note 11: cell phone retains good cost benefits for predecessors? | Analysis / review

The Redmi Note line is the most preferred by Brazilians, and in 2021 we had three of the 10 most wanted devices on TudoCelular, including older models such as Redmi Note 8 Released nearly three years ago. However, it is expected that Note 11 be a big hit here.

Don’t expect a major development in the new member of the Redmi Note line. The design has been slightly updated with a matte plastic backing to make it less slippery. Dimensions haven’t changed much and we have a mobile of roughly the same size.

The screen is still AMOLED and bright, but it now has a 90Hz refresh rate for ultra fluidity. Stereo sound is powerful and of good quality, which makes Redmi Note 11 great for media consumption.

Xiaomi has replaced the Snapdragon 678 with the 680 in the new version, while keeping the amount of RAM in its simplest form. How does this affect performance? The Redmi Note 11 is a bit faster in multitasking, but it still closes apps and games that are running in the background. All games play well, but don’t expect heavier games with maximum graphics quality.

The battery lasts about the same as its predecessor, but if you use the screen at 60Hz, then when you switch to 90Hz you will experience a significant loss of autonomy, as there is no dynamic rate that changes the speed according to use. The good news is that the 33W charger restores the battery in less than an hour.

And what about the cameras? The Redmi Note 11 shoots good photos during the day and doesn’t get ugly at night. The macro is the weakest of the bunch, while the opacity does a good job. The front end doesn’t record the most detailed selfies, but it’s enough to post on social media. The camcorder is decent, but it lacks audio capture.

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Is it worth buying the Redmi Note 11? It’s a good mid-range phone that doesn’t lag behind its competitors Samsung and Motorola. You can find it both at national retail and at import. To find out all the details, just check out the full analysis through the link below.

Below you can see the best offers of Redmi Note 11 at local retail: