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In love, Claudia Rodriguez and Adrien Bonato kiss on the beach TV News

In love, Claudia Rodriguez and Adrien Bonato kiss on the beach TV News

Claudia Rodriguez He stole a kiss from Adrien Bonato Before her lover dives into surfing, on Saturday morning (18), on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. The two arrived together at the scene, and when they said goodbye to the lover with a flick before chasing a wave, the businesswoman was surprised by a kiss from the actress.

The two were dating a short time ago, right after Claudia announced herself to Adrien and publicly proposed to her on Valentine’s Day. In an Instagram video, she admitted that she was in love with the ex-employee, but was afraid to come out of the closet and announce that she was bisexual.

The star of the series A Diarista (2004) experienced moments of tension for three days, because the suitor did not return the letter. Adrian appeared on another recording and revealed that she needed time to absorb everything that was going on. In the end, the two hit it off and decided to date.

“We already had a married life, didn’t we? We didn’t sleep together (laughs). The chemistry hit. And we knew it was going to hurt.” people get married‘,” Adriane admitted in a social media post.

Their first kiss happened a few years ago.When an actress steals a kiss from her friend at a party. This gesture aroused passion in the businesswoman, who also had feelings for Claudia, but was afraid to be assumed and accused of opportunism because of the fame of the actress.

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Daniel Delmiro News / AG

Daniel Delmiro / AG News

Claudia Rodriguez and Adrien Bonato kissing

Claudia Rodriguez and Adrien Bonato on the beach