June 12, 2024

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Pat gives up, kisses Moa and has an unexpected reaction to the TV news

Pat gives up, kisses Moa and has an unexpected reaction to the TV news

After a lot of cat and mouse game, pat (Paula Oliveira) and mo Marcelo Cerrado will no longer be able to hide how they feel about each other face and courage. Will accept old friends, but wife Alfred She (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) will quickly turn away, full of guilt for her betrayal of her husband on Globo at seven.

In the plot, Cecquino’s father (Gilherme Tavares) already imagined that he was exchanging kisses with his colleague, which was only a joke for her. The situation will jump from fantasy to reality In the chapter scheduled to be broadcast on the first day.

Brave’s son will fall down the ladder and need to be taken to the hospital, which will make him desperate. The character Paolla Oliveira is going to solve some business problems. By bringing Moa a contract to sign, she will find out what happened and be shocked.

She’s going to meet her partner in the hospital, who will obviously be very weak. The rush goes, the explosion comes, emotions will follow the flower of the skin, and the two end up kissing.

They will turn away and not talk about what just happened. Pat will regret and think about her husband. On the other hand, Moa will be concerned about the possibility that his ex-wife, Rebecca (Mariana Santos), will use the incident with Cecchinio to fight for custody of her son.

Cara e Coragem is a novel by Claudia Soto, author of Pega Pega (2017). Directed by Natalia Grimberg, the series takes on the world of erotic complications and will be replaced by Vai na Fé by Rosane Svartman.

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