June 16, 2024

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In search of "wild" life?  This Scottish island has a solution

In search of “wild” life? This Scottish island has a solution

WLA small Scottish island, inhabited by only two people, wants to double its current population. The island is called Runa Island, and it has two vacancies for people who want to live somewhere “wild and remote”.

According to The Mirror, those selected for this position must have the availability to perform very different jobs. Maintenance of water, energy and roads, forest monitoring and treatment, as well as vehicle maintenance and cleaning are just some of the tasks that will be performed by the two chosen ones.

Contractors will also have to carry out laundry tasks, contact potential visitors, sell products from the area and research.

Located in the Inner Hebrides, the island has four cottages, and new workers will have the possibility to live in one of them. Although the vacancies were paid, the salary value was not disclosed.

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