June 20, 2024

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IPC-S, UK Interest, PMIs: Economic Calendar

IPC-S, UK Interest, PMIs: Economic Calendar

Sao Paulo, September 23 -GetĂșlio Vargas Foundation, FGV, this Thursday, 23, is known by the abbreviation IPC-S, Consumer Price Index-Weekly. This is one of the highlights of today’s economic calendar.

Investors are focused on the international economic agenda, in which the UK base rate will be published. Overseas, purchasing managers from the US and Japan will be published with data on PMIs’ market indices, industry, services and combinations. Check out the full calendar below!


IPC-S -Fontano Ketlio Vargas, FGV, Consumer Price Index-Weekly, known by the abbreviation IPC-S. In the previous four weeks, there was an increase of 1.10%.

Auction – The National Treasury will hold its traditional bond auction at 10:30 p.m.

HB Health The HB Saide Group will discuss acquisition plans at an extraordinary public meeting, a meeting convened by stakeholders to discuss urgent issues for the company.

Let’s go – Brazilian company that leases and sells trucks and farm equipment to Vamos (GO3) Price of the next stock offering at 5 p.m.

DC Radio – Espresso da Manho Project, from DC Radio, At 9:15 a.m., will receive Rafael Furlan, founder and analyst of Norde Asset Management. Then, at 13.15pm, chat with Roberto Jonk Jr., CEO of Acrindas, one of Brazil’s largest milk producers, at 5:00 pm Interviewer Louis Robbie, economist at information service company Serrasa Experian.

United States

SMEs – Reveals market codes for Purchasing Managers, PMIs, Industry, Services and Mixed – It mixes data representing industry and services. The numbers released this Thursday indicate the month of September. The DC consensus indicates the acceleration of the three with points of 61.50, 55 and 54.50 respectively.

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Unemployment insurance – Weekly requests for unemployment insurance are on the radar of investors. Estimated 320,000 requests, 12,000 less than the previous week.

National function The Federal Reserve, Central Bank, Chicago National Performance Index for August will be announced. This data indicates the pace of economic activity in the United States and was 0.53 points in July.

Profit – Nike and retailer Costco will report net income for the third quarter of 2021.

United Kingdom

Fee – Bank of England will publish the UK benchmark interest rate. Maintenance is expected to be 0.10%.

Consumer confidence The GfK Consumer Confidence Index for September is out. TC Consensus points to the same 8-point retreat from the previous month.


Holidays – The Asian country celebrates the Autumn Equinox Day holiday, which officially marks the beginning of the season. Therefore, the Tokyo Stock Exchange will be closed.

IPC The Japanese Consumer Price Index for August provides a change in the price of goods and services in the eyes of consumers. The 10-point increase is estimated at 0.3% compared to July.

SMEs – Japan’s Business, Services and Joint PMIs for September will be released. The DC consensus indicates the acceleration of the three with points of 51.55, 43 and 46 respectively.

Text: Fernanda de Almeida
Edition: Stephanie Rigamondi
Image: Exposure

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