July 20, 2024

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iPhone X gets USB Type-C port in dialer mod

iPhone X gets USB Type-C port in dialer mod

a An apple Make the first official Iphone With its famous 30-pin connector, which was used in iPods until then. with arrival Iphone 5The Cupertino giant has given up that connection to Lightning, a smaller and more efficient ownership standard than its predecessor. Recently, most of the world’s manufacturers have switched to using USB Type-C on mobile phones, while Apple stays on Lightning.

Now, a master’s degree in robotics engineering named Ken Pillonel has modified a file iPhone X, the model that became official in 2017, to change the Lightning connection to USB Type-C, as shown in a video he posted on his YouTube channel. Video “First World” USB-C iPhone” displaying the USB Type-C device.

In the video, Bellnell says that even with the change, the smartphone can be charged normally, and data transmission works. Here, he shows that the MacBook can correctly recognize the iPhone X, and uses the same cable to charge both the Mac and the iPhone, confirming the success of the process.

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First, he had to power all the electronics, and then he reverse engineered the Apple C94 connector. In doing so, he was able to create his own board using a USB Type-C port, which replaced the smartphone’s original board. He reveals that a full video showing the whole process is coming soon.

It is worth noting that the European Union wants to standardize the connectors of electronic devices by 2023 in order to reduce electronic waste. Thus, it is likely that Apple will have to release an iPhone with USB Type-C in the future.

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