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Is iPhone memory full?  Use these tips to free up some space

Is iPhone memory full? Use these tips to free up some space

We stock almost everything in our area Iphone: family photos, movies, music libraries, etc. That’s why it’s important to make sure you don’t run out of space.

Apple made this a little easier to deal with in 2021, increasing the iPhone 13’s default storage option from 64GB to 128GB.

But for those who need more space or have a model with a smaller capacity, you want to make the most of your iPhone’s storage space.

The best way to save to local storage is to invest in a cloud storage service like Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox to download some of your files.

But there are also some settings that you can tweak to make sure you’re using your iPhone’s storage to the fullest.


To maximize iPhone storage, you need to know what is running your device first. Take a look at what’s taking up your storage space to know where to start.

Open Settings, tap General, then scroll down to iPhone Storage. Select this option to see an analysis of the types of files and media that are taking up space on your iPhone.

Apple may also make some recommendations on how to free up some space, such as reviewing videos stored on your device, as shown below.


Photos are among the biggest villains when it comes to taking up space on your iPhone. But the iPhone settings menu has an option that allows your device to save smaller image files locally if the device is low on space instead of the original versions.

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Instead, these HD photos and videos are stored on iCloud and you can download them as needed. To make sure this feature is turned on, start by opening the Settings app.

Then scroll down to Photos and make sure there is a blue check mark next to Optimize iPhone Storage.


The best way to free up space on iPhone is to remove files that you don’t need to store on the device. But that doesn’t mean you need to shrink your photo library.

Instead, try storing it on a third-party cloud storage service like Google Photos instead of on your device. It’s a quick way to free up tons of storage space without emptying out old memories.

But before deleting anything, make sure you copy the photos you want to save or transfer to Google Photos. If your photos and videos were not backed up to another service such as Google Photos, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive before deleting them, they will be permanently deleted.