June 12, 2024

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The creators of Genshin Impact make an open world superhero shooting game

The creators of Genshin Impact make an open world superhero shooting game

MiHoYo is opening a new studio in Canada that will be responsible for a Triple A title with the more vibrant and organic world of Genshin Impact.

Having created one of the most popular MMOs in recent years with Genshin Impact, MiHoYo doesn’t want to stop. The Asian company already has a project focused more on strategy, but it also has another ambitious game on the way. they opened A new study in Canada will be responsible for a triple-A procedure.

Missing name, but on LinkedIn they posted the first details. Your new project already needs a team of over 100 developers that will be added to its ranks in the next two years. They will work in Montreal, although in constant communication with their core team:

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Team Canada will work closely with the global development team and focus on creating a new open-world action-adventure game with a focus on shooting gameplay in Living and organic paranormal world. “

It will be a new IP address with multiple platforms in mind, although not specified. Other job offers published by MiHoYo about this game also talk about the integration of vehicles to travel through urban and land environments, and above all, highlight the “Destruction System” Of the environments that will be one of its main pillars.

We will be watching its development closely, and above all, any official announcements that the Asian studio may make. With Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail and this AAA devastating supernatural shooter, MiHoYo will continue to wage a lot of wars.