May 29, 2024

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Ishmael is rewarded and conquers the dream at the end of the empire

Among the many endings, TV series empire We reserve a happy ending for Ismael (Jonas Torres). The boy is rewarded for his honesty and gets his dream home.

Ismael was a former collector of recyclables, and saw his life change when he took a good stand. Went to a company Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero) and returned a precious ring to the commander.


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The gem has swallowed it Lauren (Danny Barros), but later healed. Ismail turned around in astonishment and insisted that the ring be handed over to its true owner.

Jose Alfredo was surprised and offered the money to the former garbage collector. But he refused, saying he did the right thing without expecting any reward. Later, he got a job with an official contract in Império.

Big new house

After much pain and showing himself to be of good character, Ismail was impressed by winning the jackpot from the captain. After the death of the businessman, Lauren’s husband was included in his will.

Jose Alfredo leaves good money for the former garbage collector in recognition of his remarkable standing in the past. And so the boy buys his house in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

When leaving the pension fornicating (Aílton Graça), Ismael is touched and Lorraine admits he will never forget what the “man in black” did to change his life.

In the final phase, the final chapter of Empire will air on November 5th. Starting from the eighth day onwards, Am Lugar au Sol, the new TV series will start at 9 pm.

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