June 23, 2024

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O Brihan refused the invitation because of Libby

O Brihan refused the invitation because of Libby

The influencer, O Borihan, revealed, on Thursday evening (30), in an interview with Gabe Prado, in the podcast “Podar Prado”, that she refused the invitation to participate in “.farm 13 “because of the end of the engagement with Lippi Ribeiro.

Lipe broke up with Yá after leaving “The Farm 12” earlier this year. The influencer found out that he was betrayed by Ya while trapped in reality from the record. This controversy was decisive for the influencer to decline his invitation to the thirteenth session.

“First, I had an argument with Libby. If I go in, I’ll bring a whole story. And put it on the scale. That’ll be said, I’m a big mouthed, I can’t stay there without talking about it includes my family, it wasn’t worth it. It would have gone crazy and I don’t have all This head. I was dating [com Eric Ribeiro], would have included a third person. He said oh.

Libby’s ex-fiancée assumed she’d been called to the reality show before, but chose to go on “On vacation with ex Brazilian celebrities. “I had an abortion, lost my baby, and then chose to go to On Vacation. I was also called to A Ilha, but this reality show just wasn’t right for me.”

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