June 21, 2024

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Itaú launches a novelty and promises daily income

Itaú launches a novelty and promises daily income

Discover the new functions of Digital Bank Itaú and learn how to use the new feature to organize your money

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Itaú has launched a new feature called “Metas” to separate cash with a 100% return on CDI. The new bank was launched on Wednesday (07/13) and the new functionality allows customers to distribute balance and organize finances in a smarter way.

In this way, customers can leave funds in different “piggy banks” with a daily return of up to 100% of the CDI, as well as allow immediate refund of the amount at any time.

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to put money in the first moment when the user creates his chest. The application allows you to create a goal and gradually add the values ​​until the specified goal is reached.

Produces 100% of CDI

First, it is necessary to note that each fund pays 100% of the CDI and without charging IOF. Thus, there is a great incentive for users to use the new feature offered by the bank.

But, despite this, the main account of iti (Itaú Digital Bank) also has the same income value. Therefore, it is clear that the funds are intended to be a great resource for keeping your money organized and achieving personal goals.

In addition, you can get the money saved in Target any day and time of the week. Thus, in case of need, it is possible to recover the value easily.

The goals will be set according to the needs of each user, and can be both in purpose and in the end value goal. Additionally, you can change the details of each goal and track it separately from your main account.

iti, Itaú Digital Bank

iti is an application that aims to facilitate fast and inexpensive transfers. Thus, it works like a digital wallet, like Pickpayfor example.

With the app available for iOS and Android, it is possible to make payments via QR code and make transfers to any checking account through TED.

It is worth noting that iti works as a digital wallet, meaning that it is not linked to any bank account.

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