July 19, 2024

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Jade, Naiara, Linn and Arthur have been removed from the platforms

Jade, Naiara, Linn and Arthur have been removed from the platforms

First discord game number “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) suggested that the brothers prepare the perfect podiums for the final reality show. Although the “no win” flag found in the dynamics of other versions is excluded, The game managed to annoy participants like Lin da Quebrada, who were excluded from the selections of their teammates. Actresses Jade Picon, Naiara Azevedo, and Arthur Aguiar were the only ones not included in the other brothers’ podiums.

yesterday, Nominated by Douglas Silva Nayara Azevedo for the Wall Award Immediately after the round trip, Threatened to quit the program. The singer gave a long farewell speech to her colleaguesbut in the end, they ended up staying in confinement.

Previously Arthur Aguiar, Jed Bacon and Lin da Quebrada entered three days after the premiere of “Brazil’s Most Watched House”. The trio had covid-19 and had to wait for medical approval to join the other participants.

podium champion

Vinicius, in turn, was the brother most chosen by his teammates’ platform. Seven participants put Vyni in the “perfect final”: Paulo Andre, Rodrygo, Laes, Bruna Gonçalves, Slovenia, Eliezer and Lin da Quebrada.

BBB 22: Watch how the brothers set up the podium edition

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