May 24, 2024

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Jiseilan wins a VIP bracelet for the first time

Jiseilan wins a VIP bracelet for the first time

Giselan Alves did not win the race of the week in theBBB 22″ (TV Globo), but she’s happy with her life. That’s because after 7 weeks at xepa, the sister finally went to vip.

Who gave the bracelet to the teacher was Lucas, captain of the weekwho won the endurance race after 23 hours and 51 minutes on the carousel.

As soon as he left Provodromo and returned home, Lucas ran to hug Jesse and said: “Shu, Sheba!”.

Yesterday, Jesse used her X-ray moment to talk about her desire to win the race.

Today I need to win this test. Seriously, I’ve been on xepa for seven straight weeks. He no longer gives me anything. I’m saturated. I really want to go to VIP. Jiseilan

“I think it would be really nice if I leave, after seven consecutive weeks in xepa, I will go to the position of captain. Gaining a lot of powers and, at the same time, many responsibilities. So, please, cheer me up very much,” he asked.

Another happy participant is also Linn da Quebrada who, like Lucas, Natália and PA, received 20 thousand reais as a gift from Lojas Americanas (the sponsor of the competition).

The singer was the fourth to be disqualified and asked to leave the audition, after more than 23 hours of audition.

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