May 24, 2024

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Tense atmosphere in the test leader!  PA argues with Natty: "Are you going to stress me out?"

Tense atmosphere in the test leader! PA argues with Natty: “Are you going to stress me out?”

Leader’s test BBB22this week from resistance! It has been more than 15 hours since the conflict between the two brothers and nerves are tense. thus, Paulo Andre and Natalia, Who are still in the dynamics, held a discussion. And it all started with a conversation about splitting up Xepa and VIP.

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Paulo Andre Turn into LinaHe is also next to him in proof, and he said: “If you win, I’ll do what you do”. “What would I do?”She asks. “What you really want, something you really want”The athlete answers. Then, Natalia Break into the conversation and suggest: Leadership acquisition.

Then, deprivation pointed out: “Brother, Lena did not understand. you want a lot for someone. Then the miner asked:Oh, are you talking about taking Jesse to VIP? “. Linathen said that the brother’s position will be “Very stylish”. although, Natalia Reply:But this is what he has to do from the heart. Not because you’re going to give up on trial, no.”

annoyed by the comment, deprivation shooting. “Don’t travel, Natalia. as if. I said that a long time ago. I don’t buy Lena, no”. Then the nail designer mentioned that the athlete didn’t wear it Jesse In Xepa when he was a leader.

“But Jesse was at Xepa when I won”, He said Sweetened “And the? I’m talking now. Are you seriously going to make me nervous here? “Sportsman counter. finally, Lina highlighted: “Quiet people, everyone is already tired.”

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