June 16, 2024

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Joao Giordo reveals that he has a chronic lung disease |  pop art

Joao Giordo reveals that he has a chronic lung disease | pop art

In a video posted on his personal account on Instagram, he showed a photo in which he appeared with an inhalation mask and an oximeter on his finger, which worried his followers.

“I’m not dying, man,” he said. “But if you keep recording, I might die. I have a lung problem. I have COPD, which is COPD.”

“When the weather changes, in winter, I get phlegm and can’t sleep. I have to inhale and take the oximeter on my finger all the time.”

João Gordo displays the inhaler mask and oximeter used in the treatment of COPD – Photo: Injab/Instagram/Gordo

People with COPD have great difficulty breathing, which is the main symptom of the disease. “Initially, shortness of breath is due to physical activities only. In advanced stages, shortness of breath appears even when the person is at rest.”

Fatigue, coughing, and phlegm are also frequent in these patients, according to Franco Martins, MD, a pulmonologist at the ABC School of Medicine.

The groups most affected by COPD are the elderly, smokers and ex-smokers. “The disease is more common in men over 40,” the professor notes.

In less frequent cases, people who have been exposed to wood-burning smoke for a long time also develop COPD.

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