July 24, 2024

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Joel Carly moves on with a speech in Botafogo’s locker room: ‘I dreamed a lot about this moment’

Joel Carly moves on with a speech in Botafogo’s locker room: ‘I dreamed a lot about this moment’

Commander, captain and acquaintance with mobilizeAnd Joel Carly He is one of the advocates of the great campaign of Botafogo employment B . series. The Argentine defender has been a fixture behind the scenes all season and also in the 4-0 defeat over Basque, last Sunday, in Sao Janorio. As revealed by video on Botafogo TV.

– We know we have a lot more at stake than the “super classic”. We have a whole year on the job, and we leave so much behind in person to be here…family and friends, hard to come by our encouragement. Today we are very close to the dream, the victory. We must leave this group a teacher to everyone to say that this group was misleading because they worked and devoted themselves and went to Vasco’s house, played like hell and won. It is today! – Carly said before the game.

At the end of the match, Joel Carly gave a beautiful speech and provoked him, in which his teammates praised him.

– I don’t know if most of them remember when we met at the hotel, the teacher (Anderson Moreira) He did not arrive yet. We talked a lot about what lay ahead, and that we would spend more time together than we did with our family. We went and worked for this goal. Mathematically we did not reach it, but in the course of days we will. With everything that’s happened here today, we’re taking on a dimension of just how amazing our group is. The other team had the same goal, with all their fans, and we came here and played like hell and ran. I think we deserved to win today. I dreamed a lot about this moment, when I started talking to (Football Manager Eduardo Freeland About coming back, I never imagined this track would be so good. This group will be distinguished not only in the head, but also in the heart – Been completed.

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