June 13, 2024

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CBF releases the sound from Santos x Palmeiras VAR;  See why Klaus canceled the target in the Dudu move

CBF releases the sound from Santos x Palmeiras VAR; See why Klaus canceled the target in the Dudu move

The Brazilian Football Confederation released an audio of a conversation between referee Rafael Klaus and the VAR during Santos x Palmeiras, for the Brazilian Championship.

The Brazilian Football Confederation (the Brazilian Football Confederation) on Monday released an audio recording of the referee’s controversial presentation Raphael Claus it’s the where During Palmeiras won 2-0 against Santos, last Sunday, in the Brazilian Championship.

The moment analyzed was Verdao’s goal invalidated rune, in the latter part of the first half, where the video referee recommended the judge to go to the screen to see if the attacker Dudu He controlled the ball with his hand before continuing the play, which ended with a goal from “Rostico”.

All the fallout, interviews, analysis and opinions of Santos x Palmeiras, by Brasileirão, you can watch at line passes, this Monday (8), at 10 pm (GMT), with broadcast By ESPN on Star +

Claus then goes to the screen, watches the action and has the next conversation with her Rodrigo Garrizo Ferreira do Amaral, who was responsible for the VAR:

Guarizo: Dodo has the advantage of (controlling the ball with his arm). He (Close) should come (to the screen) to see. He must come and review. Klaus, I recommend reviewing handball to the ball by gaining an advantage.

[Claus vai até o monitor e começa a rever o lance]

close: The dodo arm is open. Dominates with his arm. Dodo has his arm open and he keeps the ball because his arm is open. I’ll leave missing. I’m going to take out a direct free kick for the defense, Guarizo.

Guarizo: Well, Claus, good decision.

in your Location, CBF also provides the following text for the ball-in-hand rule.

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Article 12

Touching the ball with your hand/arm

In order to clearly identify hand/arm irregularities, it is known that the arm starts from the top of the armpit.

Not every touch of the ball in a player’s hand/arm is an offense. It would be an offense if the player:

Deliberately touching the ball with your hand/arm. For example, moving the hand / arm towards the ball;

Touching the ball with your hand/arm when your hand/arm is abnormally enlarged. A player is seen to extend their body unnaturally, when the position of their hand/arm is not a consequence of the movement or when the position of the hand/arm cannot be justified by the movement of the player’s body for that specific one. continent. By putting his/her hand in such a position, the player assumes the danger of touching the ball with his/her hand and therefore should be punished;

– Scoring a goal on the opposing team: directly from touching the ball in your hand / arm, even if it was by mistake, including the goalkeeper; Or immediately after the ball has touched your hand/arm, even if it is accidental.

From the point of view of Renata Ruel, Channel Arbitration Analyst Disney, Claus was wrong, as Doudou was regressing to the show featuring him cross hand.

This is it, There was no intentional touching or abnormal enlargement of the body space, because Dodo’s movement is the result of his body’s transformation.

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Renata realizes, therefore, that I am trying to feverde It has been validated by arbitration.