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Duilio talks about 2022 Corinthians football market

Duilio talks about 2022 Corinthians football market

Even without the end of the 2021 season, Corinthians are already working on 2022. At the group draw event in Paulistau next year, Doilio spoke about the Timão ball market.

For 2021, there was an expectation that Timão would not hire any reinforcements. Despite this, the Parque São Jorge team welcomed arrivals from Giuliano, Willian, Roger Guedes, Renato Augusto, Joao Pedro and Carlos Miguel. Thus, the fans are already keeping an eye on the following names that can come to the club. Despite this, Duilio made some considerations and asked for calm.

“We’ve been working on it. 2021 was a year, within our plans, of reworking. With savings across the board so we can strengthen the team in time. It worked, it happened, we’re lucky, unfortunately because of the epidemic, in the Chinese championship and we brought in some reinforcements. Which we didn’t expect, we didn’t all use, Willian played little, Renato and Roger came from a long period of inactivity. We know the team can grow a lot and we hope we can go the same way. Football salary cuts, some contracts expire, others with the possibility of negotiation. This is the idea. Fans aren’t expecting a lot of reinforcements, it’s not our plans, just some subtle ones. We understand that this year’s team will be more prepared next year for a good season‘, exposed.

At the moment, the most frequently mentioned duo in the Corinthians football market is Paulinho and Dentinho. The first has been on Corinthians’ radar for some time and Duilio treated it as a “club interest”, while the second was free on the market last Monday, but was rejected by the president.

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Paulinho has made it clear many times that we would like him to be here, but it depends on many factors And this is not the time to talk about that, as I said, we are focused on the upcoming matches in Brazil. We really want him back. We still don’t have anything certain, but that possibility exists. We can’t fix anything on football, we’ve talked a lot in the last year and it just didn’t work out. It is a desire, a desire, a work we were doing. If there is a possibility, it is our will, you should add. The president said Paulinho had a chance if that was possible.

Teeth are absolutely nothing. He’s a friendly guy, we worked together on my first trip here in Corinthians, he came from base. He’s an idol, but it’s not a position that we understand is missing today, it’s not our will, despite him being a great player. We don’t have any kind of negotiation with him. Everything can change tomorrow, but no. Dentino is a great friend, he grew up in Parque São Jorge and is our fans’ idol, but not at the moment. It is not the position we are looking for, that we understand that there is a need, we have not opened negotiations and today this is not a desire from Corinth,” he added shortly after the second name.

In addition to the duo, Duilio also spoke of Rafael Navarro, a midfielder who works for Botafogo and has been speculated at Corinthians in recent days. Without hesitation the president denied any interest in the athlete.

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No, we never talk about that name internally. It could be a noun, a need, or a request from the coach, but that doesn’t exist today. I am also not aware of the negotiations with Real Valladolid.”

Focusing on the striker’s specific attitude, Doilio admitted that it was a lack of the team, but said how he intends to “take care of this problem”. According to him, the name will be searched within the club first, and then the market search.

It is a deficiency, one that has the characteristic of the region. Today we only have Jô, but we also have players at the base, like Cauê and Giovane, who arrived recently, Felipe. We are very clear that it will give us a chance of what we have to play, the key players, and then we get out. It happened with Rooney, Peyton, Du, Joao, Raul and JP, the guys who were in our base and got the job done. The priority is to make room for our children‘ the president admitted.

If you go in, you go out too

Corinthians also see selling players as an important way to earn. Despite this, Doilio said he wants to value his athlete and not just sell to “meet the budget.” Thus, he told how important the additional income was for the club so that it did not need to “get rid” of some athletes.

Sales are needed, Brazilian football requires it, but we are working on very significant cost reductions and new revenue. We’ve brought in new partners, sponsorships, and innovations like FanToken and we’ve explored that a lot. We are looking for additional revenue that was not in the budget so that we do not despair and do not sell cheaply and appreciate our players. We had proposals in the middle of the year that we could have beat the budget, but we wouldn’t have made a good deal, because we understand the market value of the athletes. We will only sell if it is a good value for the club, not just to meet the budget.”

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The club has some athletes on contract, but they are on loan to other teams. In these cases, the chief gave priority to the assembly of the band that would defend Corinthians, but he also explained the situation of Ederson, who is in Fortaleza.

There is interest in continuing with Fortaleza, but we haven’t talked about values ​​yet. Consultations always arrive, but there is no official proposal. The window has not yet opened to the outside and it is not the strong window of international football. We don’t go after this, we have to build our team, generate income, our kids will show up, and then yes, they will be appreciated.“, She said.

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