October 2, 2023

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John Travolta wins 737 license

John Travolta wins 737 license

John Travolta is a true fan of aviation. The Hollywood star owns a bunch of private jets and often flies them himself.

He is such a fan of airplanes that the apartment in which his home is located in the United States has an airstrip. And this could be the destination of the Boeing 737, the new Travolta plane.

On March 20, he posted a video on his Instagram where he celebrated getting his 737 flying license, as he had already done with the 707 and 747.

In the background of the video is a registered aircraft N788LS, which is listed as property of Constellation Productions, a company owned by Travolta himself. See the post below:

Actor’s advice was requested by UOL To confirm whether he will be the main pilot of the aircraft or whether the aircraft will be at the company’s disposal, but there was no response until this report was published.

Since the other planes in the actor’s home are also registered to his company, this should be the likely destination for the newly acquired 737.

The Plane

The model purchased by Travolta is a Boeing 737-300 manufactured in 1988. It was flown to British Airways, Maersk Air, Germania, Delta Airlines and, finally, belongs to Las Vegas Sands.

It was purchased in early April by Produções Constellation, according to information from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration, a regulatory body similar to the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency Anac).

The 737-300 has a length of 33.4 meters, a height of 11.1 meters, and a wingspan of 26.9 meters. The interior of the plane has been customized, and there is still no information on what it should look like to meet the requirements of the actor and his family.

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artist’s residence

Actor John Travolta stays on his plane in the United States

Photo: Playback / Google Maps

John Travolta is 68, and has had a driver’s license since he was 22. His passion for aviation was so strong that his home is located in the Gamboller Complex in Florida (USA).

The residence has a private airstrip of approximately 2,286 meters in length that allows the aircraft to be flown in the direction of the artist’s residence. There, he managed to park his plane next to the house.

other planes

The actor owns a Boeing 707 with registration number N707JT, registered in the United States. JT stands for his initials. The plane was converted to carry VIPs in the 1970s, and was also owned by singer Frank Sinatra.

The actor named the plane Jett Clipper Ella after his first two children, and donated the plane in 2017 to the Aircraft Restoration Historical Society. It was painted in the colors of the Australian company Qantas, a company that Travolta has served as an ambassador for since 2022.

Other Travolta aircraft include the Dassault Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000, which he also flies.