April 24, 2024

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Jove and Juma get on a plane to the happiness and wrath of Madeleine TV News

Jove and Juma get on a plane to the happiness and wrath of Madeleine TV News

As a country song from the ’90s says, Joff (Jesuta Barbosa) and Juma (Alanis Gillin) will take a plane to happiness in wet land. After falling in love, the two decide to live together and leave the farmer Jose Loncio (Marcos Palmera) for Rio de Janeiro. But what would be happiness for them would be anger for Madeleine (Karen Telles), who would hate the situation.

This is one of the topics of episode 99 of Podcast Noveleirosfrom the news. On the weekly programmes, journalists Fernanda Lopez, Carla Bettencourt, Daniel Farad, Daniel Amorim and Gilherme Machado speak and recount the next highlights of the on-air series from the perspective of professional novelists.

After getting close to a Jaguar woman’s taper, the two will have to deal with reality: Goff doesn’t want to stay on his father’s lands and wants to go back to Rio. As a solution, he will suggest leaving the Pantanera by his side.

Friday They won’t even have documents to play properly, but the two will find a way and Arrive in Rio de Janeiro. For her, everything will be completely new and frightening. Juma will think the pool at her boyfriend’s mansion is a small river, for example.

For Madeleine, the visit would become a nightmare. You will be amazed to see that Jesuit Barbossa Bring a “shrub bug” home and he will treat Maria Marua’s daughter (Juliana Pais) very badly. The two will find each other strange, and Juma will also defend himself ruthlessly.

Written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the telenovela Pantanal was introduced in 1990 by the extinct Manchete (1983-1999). Globo edition has been modified by Bruno Luperi, grandson of the author.

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You can find out all about Pantanal and other on-air TV series through the link below, from episode 99 of the Noveleiros podcast, from the news. Also available at spotifyIn the Deezerat Apple podcast Nor google podcast.

Listen to “#99 – Jove and Juma Run Away and Rage” on Spreaker.