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Leonardo DiCaprio asks young people to register voters - 02/05/2022 - Photographer

Leonardo DiCaprio asks young people to register voters – 02/05/2022 – Photographer

For the second time in aaaaaActor Leonardo DiCaprio encouraged young Brazilians to register their voters. In two Twitter messages on Monday (2), one in Portuguese and one in English, he released links to organizations learning how to register with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to obtain the document.

The focus is on a younger audience, aged 16-18, who can claim the title but vote is not mandatory for them. The sites mentioned by the actor are very colourful, with strong graphic language and educational explanations on how to obtain the document. DiCaprio has 19.6 million followers on Twitter.

DiCaprio, who is also an environmental activist and critic of the government’s environmental policy, stated in his previous position that a youth vote is the key to change for a better planet, remembering that Brazil is “home to the Amazon and other important ecosystems to climate change.”

President Jair Bolsonaro mocked this tweet. The president wrote in English: “Thank you for your support, Leo!” “It is very important that all Brazilians vote for Upcoming elections. Our people will decide whether they want to preserve our sovereignty in the Amazon or be ruled by crooks who serve special foreign interests.”

Later, the president recalled when the actor shared an old photo to talk about the fires in the Amazon. on time, There is a public clash between the two Bolsonaro accused him of financing the criminal fires in Brazil, which the actor refused.

The provocation repeats the strategy that Anita has recently pursuedwhen the CEO responded to and blocked a post by the singer, who is openly critical of her government.

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On the sixteenth, Bolsonaro responded to a singer tweet In which she said that the colors of the Brazilian flag belong to all Brazilians. “I agree with Anita,” he wrote.

Supporters of the president use green and yellow, which they say have replaced red, in reference to the Labor Party. At Coachella, the Brazilian singer wore a look in the colors of the flag.

Bolsonaro’s irony Led Anitta to block it on social media. “Boy, go find what you’re going to do, go,” the singer said on Twitter. “I immediately blocked these moderators (administrators) for not using my social networks to gain turmoil (repercussions) on the Internet,” he edited.

In recent weeks, there has been a file The movement of artists and celebrities Encourage young people to take the title. AnitaLuísa Sonza, Juliette Freire and even Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo have used their social networks for this purpose, the latter more than once. On Sunday (1) Ruffalo provided another stimulus saying that “democracy and planet earth are winning” with youth votes.

Also Monday, Mark Hamill, the actor who plays Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars,” asked young people in Brazil to register their voters by May 4, putting a pun into history with the movie’s famous phrase, “May Fourth be with you.” The origin is “May the force be with you”, or the force be with you.