April 25, 2024

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Juliette (Globo/João Cotta)

Juliet reveals that she received 4 apologies from her fellow inmates after the BBB and whether or not she accepted; Watch

OhBBB 21“It ended a while ago, but it’s still delivering results today… Juliette FreireThe hero of the version, he participated in the “Lady Night”, which is broadcast on Monday (28), and was sincere in answering the questions of the presenter. Tata Wernick. The woman from Paraíba revealed that even if she received any apology from her former mates in confinement, after the end reality.

While inside the most guarded house in Brazil, Juliet was the target of comments deemed malicious by the public, which came from most of the participants. In the preview revealed by the official accounts of GloboplayTatá asks if any of them have apologized for their stances.

Without thinking much, the heroine replied that she had received “several orders”, before relying on her finger and revealing that there were four in total. However, in the preview, she did not detail who the brothers or sisters sent her messages to.

In April, Juliette was crowned the “BBB 21” winner. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Tatá, like us, wanted to know if Paraíba had apologized. Juliette said yes, forgave her colleagues, and explained the reason for the decision: “Because it’s like that, for me…I’m lighter.” paying off:

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newly, JULIET Unlocking the game on what he’s already done with the Reality Millionaire award he got Globo TV. The hero answered a series of frequently asked questions that appear about her on Google and revealed if she has fancied herself doing TV series, considers herself a singer, and much more. Always sincere! Click here for details.

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