June 21, 2024

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Kawa Raymond honestly stands for Cayo Castro, Grazie Masafira and Allen Moraes.

Kawa Raymond honestly stands for Cayo Castro, Grazie Masafira and Allen Moraes.

the hero of the story place in the sunKawa Raymond opened up about his relationship with two ex-girlfriends, Aline Moraes and Grazie Masafira, and also talked about Cayo Castro, who dated a former BBB and was the stepfather of Sophia, the beloved’s nine-year-old daughter.

About Gracie, Raymond was succinct. “She’s the mother of my daughter. I admire Grazie. A great actress and a great professional,” he summed up during a video posted by Mateus Mazavera on his YouTube channel on Saturday (25).

With Alinne Moraes, his current romantic partner at the Globo’s 9 AM opera, the actor has been a little more laid back. “We’ve been dating, we’ve lived together, we’ve been married, I don’t know, for three years. And I think business, where we’re working, and rumors are normal.”

“One of the habits that I’m starting to have is not to… I think I was very talkative early in my career and nowadays if I see something like that I don’t really want to know, no. I’m very interested in stories without names It’s my style in everything. He’s doing a show on the TV series, Alinne Moraes.”

Although he never starred with Caio Castro, Kawa has been honest about what he thinks about the actor – who was in a long-term relationship with Grazie. He praised “He was Sophia’s stepfather for a while, and Sophia always paid tribute to him. He is a beautiful man.”

There is one thing I love about Cayo, the feeling I get is that he does what he wants. If he wanted to parachute, he would do so; If he wanted to be a motorist, he would be a motorist. So I think Caio is a very free man, he goes and follows his desires. I hope he is very happy and continues to achieve things.

Check out the full conversation between Kawa Raymond and Mazavera:

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