June 23, 2024

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An influencer admits to selling some gifts

An influencer admits to selling some gifts

JKAY This morning, he participated in the “Tass Horus” program for the first time. Serginio Groyzmann asked him about Farova’s party in Jkkai, where She would have spent R$2.8 million alone, the influencer admitted that she even sold a few gifts to pay the bills and asked for a little help to make use of the space on TV Globo.

I owe it to you, Serginho. I won’t deny it to you. I did it. People said, ‘Put this singer on, Leo Santana called him’ and then I called Léo Santana. Then he agreed. Then there was something called a technical contestant… he didn’t Leo Santana charges, but there was a technical thing racing. I wore it. Put it on Safadão, I put it on Safadão. I put it all on the singers,” Gkay commented about the biggest expense King said.

Farofa da Gkay is a party to celebrate the influencer’s birthday and therefore, she does not charge her friends who attend the event. This year, Gkay closed the Marina Park Hotel in Fortaleza. Fearing the final amount, she took advantage of the space on Globo to ask for help paying the bills.

“All you can eat food and drink, open bar, open food. Hotel is free. Now I owe people. I would be grateful for your willingness to make pecs for me.”

In return, GKay received some very expensive gifts, such as a The value of a Rolex watch is more than 59,000 Brazilian riyals, among other types of international brands. Although grateful to her, she said she got rid of some.

I sold some gifts, I don’t think it’s wrong. Gkay for the gifts he received at Farofa

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Juliana Paes, who also participated in “Altas Horas”, regretted not being invited this year and asked to attend next year’s party. GKay also explained why he didn’t bring the big TV stars to his event.

“How do I get to Fatima Bernardes and say ‘Come on, Fatima’? I don’t have the courage! Farova is a place where you must be mentally prepared. Because you will see things there that you may not see elsewhere in the world or your life. So it is better to prepare the guest first. year? Then your invitation will arrive next year.”

Among the guests of the upcoming version of Farofa, In December 2022, I am Maria Braga and Juliana Paes, who commissioned the invitation. “Anna Maria already said she would go under the buffet and yell at the dogs in the morning, and everyone would wake up. Juliana Paes would be there too,” GKay concluded.