September 22, 2023

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Lady Lisboa is uncomfortable with Diane

even out Farm 13, Diane Melo He remains controversial with his comments about the appearance of others. During the interview with live from the judiciary, the former bean was able to allow the interlocutors Lady Lisbon and Lucas Selvi seem uncomfortable with the statements.

During her stay on the reality show, she had already commented on skin tones and inquired as well Maylady Mihaly Around the birth with smooth hair and dark skin. What was not welcomed by the public or before Rico Melquiades, who accused you of racism.


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During a post-exclusion interview, I used a pejorative term to refer to curly hair: pixaco. The term has its origins in the expression “pixaim” which is used in most cases to say that hair is “bad” or difficult to tame. sAccording to the Géledes Institute, For years, this type of expression has been used to downplay Afro hair, directly affecting blacks’ self-esteem. So it should be avoided.

“What’s wrong with having sleek hair? I just wanted to emphasize the different beauty. Born in Santa Catarina, born with pixaco hair that has to be straightened. Just for the sake of it,” he says.Be a model. Diane Melo There is no curly hair, just curly hair, but Lisbon people, Black with curly hair, he seemed embarrassed and annoyed by the remover’s words and tried to overcome the situation: “There are all kinds of hair in the world, thank God.”. Watch the moment:

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