May 25, 2024

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Larissa says she will "hit Nat" if she comes home

Larissa says she will “hit Nat” if she comes home

The sixth exclusion from “BBB 22” (TV Globo), Larissa participated in the program “Fora da Casa” (Globoplay), with Anna Clara. At that time, the ex-sister did not spare the criticism of her colleagues in confinement: she talked about the game and even said what she would do differently if she returned home.

I was setting fire to the stadium, my love. This time I’m going to shoot the verb, see? I would say that Ellie is on and off with the boys and will talk to Natalya and Jesse, without a doubt. Larissa

To the audience’s astonishment, the Pernambuco native also revealed that, if she could, she would ally with Arthur Aguiar.

“My focus won’t be on Arthur,” said Larissa, “because he has consistency in some of the things he talked to me about.” “I think I will join him,” he added. “He is a good player with a good vision and knows how to impose himself.”

Who should Commander Pedro Scobe refer to as the seventh wall of “BBB 22”?

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