May 25, 2024

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Laís and Eslovênia speculate on Paredão and Linn da Quebrada's jokes: 'Pull Lucas, people.  Everyone's gone '|  At present

Laís and Eslovênia speculate on Paredão and Linn da Quebrada’s jokes: ‘Pull Lucas, people. Everyone’s gone ‘| At present

in a room BBB 22, lais And the Slovenia Joke that the solution for Quarto Lollipop to win this season’s Paredão would be the departure of three brothers to have two who will be rescued by the public. Lyn da Quebradathen, indicates that the hot ninth seat in the game can only be for beginners.

“Do you know what we can do now? The three of us are going to Paredão. That’s it, two will come back,” suggests Laís. “There is a chance,” comments Slovenia. “It will be Lollipop’s victory”Doctor jokes. “Eli said something about Paredão that might be cool. There’s a chance for the three of us,” says the model.

Slovenia is counting on Lucas and Lin da Quebrada, the scenario expected for the trio to go to the hot seat. He said: Arthur points to Lyce, Gustavo In Paredão, the house votes for Eli, and Gustavo pulls me in [no Contragolpe]’, he speculates, ‘then he leaves in Baty Volta and the three of us stay,’ adds Laiss, ‘there is a chance,’ confirms Slovenia.

Lin da Quebrada is flirting with Paredão’s proposal only with the newcomers. “Pull Lucas guys. Everyone’s gone.”, Advise. “Cute huh,” he laughs Lucas. “Gee all of you never seen. Lucas already takes”says the actress.

Laes and Slovenia speculated on Paredão between Lollipopers and Linn da Quebrada jokes: ‘Lucas hasn’t gone to anything’ – Image: Globo

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