May 26, 2024

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Paulo Andre gets angry when he is eliminated from the Angel Test

Paulo Andre gets angry when he is eliminated from the Angel Test

After nearly 17 minutes of conflict Between Slovenia and Paulo Andre Angels audition today on “BBB 22” (TV Globo)The athlete found the final card, pressed the button, but was disqualified to drop the thing. deprivation He was visibly upset and “begged” Tado Schmidt to consider his victory.

“PA pressed the button, but the card fell!” Tadeu fired while observing the scene. “The card was accidentally dropped here, Tadeu,” PA explained, “How crazy this test is, brother.

After that, the presenter explained: “PA You were very clever in finding the last card on the tiles, but you weren’t interested in dropping the card from the button.”

“No, he fell by chance, Tadeo,” said his brother. “Yes, but the five leaves must be on top of the totem,” concluded Tado. “Oh, this is a joke. Come on, Tado? Please,” the athlete complained.

“Yes, the five cards must be on the display. PA is disqualified and Eslô advances to the semi-finals. Congratulations Eslô and it was well worth the effort, PA,” the presenter thanked.

“Damn* brother, you’re kidding. Shit,” the athlete complained about leaving Provodromo.

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