July 19, 2024

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Learn to work with your budget

Learn to work with your budget

Many people find it difficult to pay and settle their monthly budget. However, some very simple tricks can help a lot in this endeavor. In fact, starting with the basics is the best advice when you are confused. So learn how to write down and organize expenses to get your financial life in order.

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Why should you start recording expenses to organize your budget?

It may seem easy to remember all the expenses you incurred in the month, but you just have to get the statement of account to see that it’s not quite so. There are small amounts spent every day, but it generates a frightening backlog at the end of the month.

With the frequent use of Cards and Pix, few people give importance to the R$10 or R$5 they spend nearly every day on “bullshit”. The problem is that this account can easily generate expenses of over R$300 at the end of the month.

When you start writing down all the expenses that affect the budget, you will realize where the money is being used. It is easier to organize the routine and memorize the values ​​each month. Without putting everything on paper, your financial life will depend on luck to adapt. This is a very dangerous path to follow.

Pay attention to some details to be organized

To organize the budget, the first thing to do is to identify the essential and inevitable expenses. Rent, electricity, water, market and internet bills are included in this list. Then you need to adjust the amounts for Debt, Cards, Tickets, Entertainment, Contingency and Security. Meaning, always try to keep the values ​​for safekeeping and use in times of trouble.

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Pay attention to the following points to organize your monthly budget:

  • The amount received must be sufficient to pay the bills;
  • Try to save to invest or save;
  • setting goals and objectives to be achieved through discipline;
  • Use apps that can help with organization;
  • Pay your debts and clear your name if that is your condition.