June 23, 2024

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Lena concludes that Scooby is her last choice to vote

Lena concludes that Scooby is her last choice to vote

after Elimination of Lucas Bisoli From “BBB 22 “(TV Globo), Lena and Giseilan met in the leader’s room to speculate about Steps from the next wall. The commander used the tactical table to show her friend her strategy.

If I were to make my voting options a priority for me, it would be the Director General and this PA if I had to withdraw, because if I were to think about how the House would vote Arthur comes before the PA, I’m really here at a dead end. The most accurate thing is to attract Gustavo, but he is far from it. Not in that place Analyze Lin da Quebrada

The artist continued to move the two brothers’ pawns and commented, “But I know that Gustavo does not play with me. [Eliezer e Eslovênia] Scooby would be my last choice,” he admitted.

“Before Elie and Aslo. Are you finally going to vote for him?” asked Giseilan. “Because I think he’s a strong person and he brings consistency to what he’s been doing,” Lina explained.

Lena also admitted that she fears not being able to vote for DG and Paulo Andre. “I can put all three [Pedro Scooby, Eliezer e Eslovênia] Together and it would be a place I don’t know what to do. Now the problem that hits my head: what if bum [Douglas Silva] and bum [Paulo André] incorrect. What are we doing now? What is the best way to play?

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