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Leopard “invades” the Mercedes-Benz plant and stops production

Published on 03/28/2022 20:46

(Credit: Reproduction/Instagramwildlifesos)

Factory Mercedes Benz In Shekan, near Pune, Maharashtra, India, it welcomed an unexpected visitor last week. An Indian tiger invaded the premises of the car brand and left the employees frightened. With the havoc caused by the animal’s presence, workers stopped production and called for rescue.

The tiger is between two and three years old and has been roaming among the factory facilities spread over an area of ​​100 acres, about 40 hectares. “Maharashtra has one of the highest density of wild leopards, often bringing them to crossroads with humans. Rampant habitat loss has forced wildlife to frequently venture into human-controlled areas,” said WildiLife SOS, which is responsible for animal rescue.

The cats, who were also distressed, were successfully rescued in a four-hour operation involving six people, carried out by WildiLife SOS, a wildlife rescue organization, and the Chakan Forest Department.

To be able to move the animal, the rescue team used a sedative and took it for a medical evaluation. After a thorough medical examination, the kittens were found fit and released back into the wild.

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