May 25, 2024

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Lithuania says: 'Putin will not stop in Ukraine'

Lithuania says: ‘Putin will not stop in Ukraine’

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda warned today that failure to stop The conflict between Russia and Ukraine It could lead to a world war.

Speaking to the chief US diplomat, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, he said that the President of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin“It will not stop in Ukraine” and that the world is obligated to help the Ukrainians “by all available means.”

“Deterrence alone is no longer enough, we will need defense from now on, otherwise it will be too late here, Foreign Minister. Putin will not stop in Ukraine if he is not stopped,” Nosida said. “[Temos que usar] All this means if we want to avoid World War III. The choice is ours.”

Lithuania, a member of the Western Military Alliance of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), has sent military aid to Ukraine and taken in a small number of Ukrainian refugees since Russia’s invasion began on February 24.

Blinken passed through the country today and will visit neighboring Latvia and Estonia in the coming days. He met with Noseda before speaking with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister of Lithuania.

The top US diplomat earlier told US embassy officials in Vilnius that the Russian invasion of Ukraine defies basic principles designed to maintain peace between nations.

“It is important that people understand what is really at stake and go beyond Ukraine, the Baltic states and Europe,” the minister said.

*WithM Reuters information